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Why WordPress? Why are so many businesses moving to this popular platform? When you mention WordPress to most people today, many still think of it as a blogging platform. While it’s true that it was originally designed for blogging, it’s use has grown way beyond its original intention.

Many people don’t realize that a WordPress site can be set up as a static site, with no blog at all if that’s what you want. You just create pages like you would on any other site and leave the blog page off. You can set up basically any function you would on a static site, including e-commerce.

So then you may ask, “Then why WordPress? Why should I use it at all if it’s just like any other website?” Well, there are actually several advantages to building a website with WordPress rather than the more traditional static html site.

The first reason is that WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System).That means that after the site is built with WordPress, it will be easy for you update the site with new content. It’s easy to add new pages, new text, video, photos, etc., with a site built with WordPress. It’s difficult to change or update a regular static site. That means that in the past, when a web design company built a site for a business, the business would usually have to pay the web design company to update the site with new content, pages, etc.

The second reason has to do with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). All businesses today are concerned with search engine ranking, and being found in the search engines. One of the things that really helps your rankings in the search engines is continually adding new data to the site. This encourages the search engines to craw your site frequently, checking back for new information. So if you have a static site that’s difficult to update, that’s not going to assist you in your goal to rank well with search engines. If the site is built on WordPress instead, you can add new content to the site quite easily, thereby helping your search engine rankings. The simple fact is that most other sites will have a hard time competing with a WordPress site when it comes to search engine rankings.

There are other advantages. If you have a static website designed by a company, it’s very difficult to change the actual design once it’s done. If you want big changes to the site’s design, it’s probably going to cost a lot of money. This is another reason why WordPressmakes sense. There are thousands of themes available for WordPress, and there are more being created every day. If you start to really hate the way your site looks, or really need to make a change to the overall appearance, you can just change WordPressthemes. The great thing is that when you change themes all your content stays intact. You don’t have to reformat everything and start over.

Why WordPress as opposed to other CMSs (Content Management Systems) out there? Very simply because WordPress is the most widely supported. WordPress is an open source project, which means there are hundreds of people all over the world working on it. (More than most commercial platforms.) It’s continually being developed and improved as the internet landscape changes. There are thousands of plugins available for WordPressand more being developed constantly. These help with important code-based maintenance, SEO and more. They allow you to instantly add more functions to your website, like calenders, e-mail forms, music, video and art galleries and much more. This is why WordPress is a better choice than Drupal, Joomla, or all the other CMSs (Content Management Systems) available to you.

Obviously there are many ways to build a website, but the advantages of allowing you to easily update content yourself, search engine optimization, and strong support in the area of plugins and themes available, are all good reasons why WordPress is the best choice for many businesses and organizations today.


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