Targeting Web Promotion By Determining Web Traffic

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In addition to being a web designer, I’m also a musician. Recently I decided to start submitting my songs to podcasts and blogs in an effort to drive more potential customers/fans to my music. I wanted to use my time effectively. I realized because starting a podcast or blog is so simple and inexpensive, there are thousands of them out there, but many have very few listeners/readers. I wanted to target some really popular websites, so that if my music got featured, I’d really get some traction.

I did a search to try to find a good tool for checking web traffic and popularity of any particular site. After searching for awhile, and discarding certain options, I found Site Popularity CheckerSite Popularity Checker is free, and it only takes about 15 seconds to check the popularity of any site on the internet.

Promoting your business on the web takes time. But using a tool like  Site Popularity Checker to see how much web traffic any potential site actually receives will make your time much more productive.

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